In the past 20+ years I have touched practically every facet of design, from graphics, layout, branding & identity, industrial, and what I primarily work with today, interactive and user experience design.

I love creative problem solving and taking on new challenges. I enjoy discovering ways to seamlessly connect humans (and possibly other creatures) with technology.

With over a decade in interactive, I’ve worked with the entire gamut of the product design process. This journey has allowed me to work with a multitude of industries, from automotive, general business, e-commerce, education, entertainment, finance, healthcare, publishing, social, sports, audio/music and more.

I have extensive experience collaborating with various departments and teams (teamwork & chemistry is key). I have also integrated design with a variety of processes from traditional waterfall, agile scrum and Kanban, to just plain chaos.

  • strategy
  • conception
  • marketing
  • project planning
  • competitive analysis
  • user research
  • persona development
  • usability testing
  • product design
  • user experience design
  • visual design / user interface design / illustration & iconography
  • low and high fidelity prototyping
  • infographics and data visualization
  • wireframes and interaction architecture
  • production / design-to-development integration
  • front-end development

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I have had the privilege of working with some of the top leaders in their industries.


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