As a child I listened to everything from hip hop, punk, metal, rock to pop. Michael Jackson being one of my early memories around music along with Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for┬áDestruction to NWA’s, Straight Outta Compton album. At the age of 12, I picked up my first guitar and fell in love with rock, punk and metal.

When the golden era of hip hop came around, it was a sound and culture that I was highly attracted to and heavily followed and been a part of.

I got into DJ’ing/turntablism and lyricism around the early 2000’s. That eventually led me into audio production. I am proud to be have been part of my old hip hop group, Kollage with some of my best friends. I have worked on various projects throughout my life in addition to Kollage, and have met great, talented people along the way.

I continue my journey today with my DJ crew, Party Shark.

Here are some tracks representing my musical journey.